[ADV] In succeive years, Vatech cranked out one world’s frst innovation after another : Auto-Switching System between Pano & 3D CT (2017); Digital One Shot Cephalometric System (2008); Free FOV 3D CT (2009) and the World’s First Low Done CT in 2013.

Going Green
When not creating groundbreaking innovations, Vatech has been busy developing eco-friendly systems that improve the heath and safety of dental patients. Touted as Green Radiography, Vatech introduced its unique fleet of ultra-low X-ray dose 3D CTs that are designed to protect both the patient and clinician from radiation exposure.
The PaX-i3D family of imaging products is big on features that promote patient care and image quality. In particular, the award-winning PaX-i3D Green boasts the famous 3-in1 system; a 5.9 second rapid scan timemulti FOV sizes (from 5X5 to 17X15); Magic Pan (for panoramic image that corrects distorted / blur images caused by improper patient positioning); and the Rapid scan ceph image acquisition that reduces unnecessary X-ray dosage while scanning the ideal area of cranial anatomy for diagnosis and tratment planning. The Green 16/18 is an advanced 4-in-1 Digital X-ray system that incorporates Pano, Ceph, CBCT (Cone Beam CT) model scan in one system.

Wave Sensor

Vatech unveiled EzSensor Soft, which again, flows from Vatech’s big push for developing products that are “beneficial for both human health and the environment”

Affordable CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

The smart macine also has a very long dose exposure. Increasing image quality with a higher radiation level is easy to do, but as the pioneer of the Green CT, Vatech’s Green technology reduces the radiation level of PaX-i3D Smart without reducing image quality.
The auto cross-sectional (3D Pan) tool of Ez3D-I makes everything quick and smart. With a volume panoramic mode, the Ez3D-I makes lingual side diagnosis abreeze.
The establishment of Vatech Indonesia Office offers dental practices in the Indonesia new and exciting innovations that have solidified their global position. Vatech Indonesia plays a critical supporting role to local distributors on sales and technical service, exemplified by Vatech Area Marketer for more timely communication with dental clinic.Just as Indonesia consumers have benefited from South Korea’s high-tech electronic products it,s about time dentists in the region get a change to experience the innovative systems of Vatech.

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